Services available through LL&H woodworks



Line item estimate
a.       Breakdown  items, delivery, and installation
b.      Receive plans by email

        Shop drawings in AutoCAD
    a.       Provide design solutions
    b.      Note materials specified
    c.       Format for ease of reading
    d.      Interact with companies that use AutoCAD
    e.       Have large format capabilities
Project Management

        Develop relationships with General Contractor
        Verify field dimensions
        Attend site meetings
        Develop schedules for completion
        Are able to work closely with local Health Departments

Use variety of materials
    a.      All wood species
    b.      Veneers
    c.      Solid Surface
    d.      Plastic laminates
    e.      Granite / Stone products
    f.       Stainless steel
    g.      Steel framework
        Custom build to your specifications

Apply finishes and coatings in house
Provide custom color matching
Use wide variety of finishes

Provide regional and national installation
Communicate and work with other trades

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